It does not support 5. The HD-PVR is a highly popular capture device because it captures video via component output, permitting the user to capture high-definition video from most sources and without concern for encryption. Try a command like:. If you read the script in a text editor, you can read my comments to see what is default. Here is an installation video for Live Channels.

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I once got it to work through VLC player and record no problem. No matter which route you go, the following command will always need to be run:.

To find N use Code:. Oldest first Newest first Threaded.

Submit a new link. In order to run the above code I created a script and use that script in mythtv-setup for my channel change program.

The following script is used as the channel change script. It even deals with conflicts.

Compilation errors do occur some times:. July 29th, 2. July 29th, 5. If dmesg shows “wrong firmware version,” and “device init failed,” then you did not install the device in Windows first and the firmware has not been loaded.

The firmware is already included nothing else needs to be done to get the HVRQ detected. This is a stroke of luck as I bought a boxed that was advertised as on the siteā€¦ once in hand Ubuntu Here is a video on how to install the drivers and how to use Kaffeine www.


I got hold of a cheap USB head-set microphone, you are unlikely to run into linux compatibility here: I have seen something about VLC, but have never used it for anything like this.

Support: Running WinTV TV tuners and HD PVR 2 under Linux

Does not stop after some seconds. Click here for our Ubuntu installation video.

Messing with trunk was just a nightmare, so I use this instead. Powered by Trac 1. I tried contacting Hauppauge a few days ago and they didn’t have much to say either. If this doesn’t work for you or if you want to be able hbuntu easily change it on the fly, try this script.


If the audio output is too low, you can boost the audio signal by adding the following module option for the hdpvr module:. I’ve done a lot of searching all over reddit and the internet and haven’t found a solution. Lots of useful information can be found in our wiki:. I followed the step-by-step instructions and was met with this error when I tried to test the device with. If you have a question, ubuhtu check the wiki before posting.



Hauppauge HD PVR 2, OBS, and Ubuntu. : linux_gaming

Here are some ideas on cord cutting from the nVidia blog. If you just need a work-around, please try the following: The MythTV wiki provides us with a simple test to see if video is being streamed while the PS3 is playing:. I read many ununtu in forums that have used earlier versions of firmware. Quoted from a user on mythtv-users.

The table below shows the driver package filename for installation on Windows, the date of the driver package when downloaded directly ybuntu Hauppauge’s site, this is from the timestamp of the file on their serverthe date of the firmware ROM files within the driver package the hcwhdpvr.

Join Date Jun Beans This can lead to MythTV’s connection with the driver becoming unstable, and subsequent recordings failing until the driver is reloaded and power is cycled on the HD-PVR.

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